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Thank you so much, William, for your prompt service and impressive attention to detail. I was amazed by how quickly you produced your review of my debut novel Sandman on receipt of an early electronic copy, how thorough you had been, evident from your extensive comments, how you kept in touch, and finally how promptly you posted your reviews after its publication. The book is doing well locally - it has a local connection - and its Amazon ranking is zooming, and I am sure your review has helped a lot. I can highly recommend you as a wonderful person to deal with who is really dedicated to the task of reviewing books: primarily for the love of reading.

Many thanks once again. Ian Kingsley

  I purchased a Spring Special Package from Reader's Choice Reviews to promote my debut novel, THE MISSING ELEMENT, A James Becker Mystery.  To be honest, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  Regardless of my expectations, Reader's Choice delivered -- and far more professionally, quickly and effectively than I could have imagined.  I can't say yet whether the broad publicity I have received as a result of the efforts of Reader's Choice Reviews will translate into book sales.  But Reader's Choice surely has done their part.

Reader's Choice went the extra mile and continued to post comments on writing blogs that reviewed my book, even after RCR had fulfilled their assignment on my behalf. 

Truly exemplary performance.

John L. Betcher

Thank you for all your excellent work, William. It is much appreciated. I'm sure it's thanks to all your wonderful efforts that sales of Merryll Manning have suddenly increased.

John Howard Reid
Author ofMerryll Manning: The Health Farm Murders
Merryll Manning: Trapped on Mystery Island
And 70 other books.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the prompt, comprehensive, and glowing review written for Underlying Notes by Lisa Lahey, affiliated with Readers Choice Reviews.  I appreciate the time, attention, and detailed perspective evident in her evaluation.

Eva Pasco

Underlying Notes

Dear William,

You are a marvelous writer and I can easily say it is the best review I have gotten - and some of the reviews I have received unsolicited have been very eloquent and complimentary.

I sit here with goose bumps over your review. So between you and I -- I sincerely hope you think my work will gain popularity. Your encouragement keeps me pounding the pavement and digging deep to promote, keep on writing, and continue the dream.

Thank you,

Jeffrey B. Allen

Gone Away Into The Land

Mr. Potter:Thank you for your very positive and objective review of my novel, "The Target; Love Death and Airline Deregulation" by J.R. Hauptman. I thought I had written a good book especially for "guys" but your review was, frankly, more than I expected and I appreciate your conscious efforts.Thank you again.

John Ulbinsky, President
Caddis Publishing, LLC

  Hello William,What a wonderful review. I have readers who can't read the book because of a loss of a loved one. You brought me back to 1990 when I had lost my father. Your review brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you,

Alberta H. Sequeira
“A Healing Heart”

Thank You-Thank You-William!I am honored by your review. I've been told that once my story gets "out there" that it will sell well. Your review serves as a very big stepping stone to make that happen. You review also encourages me to continue writing. Peace Be With You,
Elise Crawford

“A Promise Kept”

Mr. Potter, Thank you so much for a very professional and helpful review of my work. It is much appreciated and will help me to get attention to my book. I will pass the word along on your website and your very generous services.

Allen Epling

Beyond Genesis

Dear William Potter,

Thank you so much for your generous review of Peter the Woodsman. I'm
Hansley Jr. (Lee)
The Saga of Peter the Woodman